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About HareHop.com

Our site offers you a chance to play online games for free, so there’s nothing more that you need to do, except what you already did! You ARE here, aren’t you? This time, you will be playing your favorite games without having to pay any kind of fees. Every title on our website is free of charge, but it doesn’t mean that there are no limitations at all! There ARE different restrictions that you can choose to accept or decline depending on your preferences.

What we’re trying to get at with this awkward setup is that there are TOO MANY GAMES AND TOO LITTLE TIME. We have loads and loads of exciting titles available for your entertainment right away and they ALL are exceptionally addictive. You can easily manage your time by checking the length of time that you have for each game that you are interested in, but where’s the fun in that? We want you to play without any FOMO – if a game “grabs” you and holds you, then it means it’s worth playing. All the other titles can wait since they’re totally free anyway!

Many Amazing Gaming Genres to Choose From

In addition to giving you access to the best, most addictive games for free, we also give you access to a list of categories. That way, you can easily narrow down the selection and find the EXACT kind of content you might be interested in – Cooking, Soccer, IO, 2 Player, Racing, Sports, you just name it! If you’re still struggling when it comes to finding a game that feels right, you’ll be more than happy to learn that we have a search engine. Type in something that you’re interested in. For instance - “achievements''. That way, you will find games that reward you with in-game trophies for meeting certain conditions.

Frequent Updates to Keep Things Fresh

In a way, our site allows you to stay connected with the most prominent game developers and distributors. You can discover the latest titles and update your collection with titles that you missed. Also, by simply checking out our Popular Games section, you will be able to get a glimpse into the growth and development of the video game industry. You will see what games are popular right now and your own choice will not only determine which game you want to play, but also determine the future of the gaming industry. It’s not as direct as voting with your wallet, but your choice of games on our free gaming site also influences supply and demand. By the way, we upload new games and latest versions all around the clock, which means you ALWAYS have access to some of the latest titles.